Dark Age

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Dark Age

Date Major Event(s)
~1 DA

• For the first time in recorded history, an Umbra blackens the sky and ushers a new age.

• Many dwarven strongholds and outposts deep beneath the earth are beginning to be besieged by a biological weapon known to the dwarves as Khazbarak Xel (black poison).

• King Kelmor of Mournvale is murdered during a military coup.

23 DA • The Sangletian Empire splits in half after the death of the Emperor. Eastern and Western portions of control are cut nearly in half by the two inheriting brothers.
41 DA • The Sangletian Crisis erupts after the Fall of Termos, the capitol of the Eastern Sangletian Empire crumbles to ash after a devastating act of arcane terrorism. Within the passing of a year, the remnants of the Empire have shattered into many city-states of which were mostly forgotten in time.
45 DA

• The Blood of the First King, Kelmor, is recovered in Emeril Kelmor.

• The Shield of Kelmor is found, and claimed by Emeril Kelmor.

59 DA • The Second Kingdom of Mournvale is reforged under the rule of King Emeril Kelmor.
284 DA

• The Kobastran Warlord Grauthear invades southern Mournvale and conquers the capital city and surrounding regions, renaming it from Mournloch to Bloodstone.

307 DA • Present Day

Dark Age

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