Bloodrage Savage

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As a bloodrage savage, you feed from the pain and anguish suffered in combat to inflame your rage. The shared blood of vengeful, ancestral spirits burdens your heart with a murderous lust quenched for a brief moment when your blade bites skin.

Blood Rage

Starting when you choose this path at 3rd level, you can inflict a wound upon yourself as an offering to the spirits for a more grievous strike. While raging, you can expend 2 Hit Dice as a bonus action to choose a creature you can see within 10 feet. Until blood rage ends, you deal an extra 1d6 damage to the target whenever you hit it with a melee weapon attack. If the target drops to 0 hit points, the rage ends, or you attack a creature other than the target, blood rage ends.

Blood Tracker

At 6th level, you have advantage on Wisdom (Survival) checks to track any creature you previously injured, as well as on Intelligence checks to recall information about them.

Eager for Blood

Starting at 10th level, when a creature ends its movement at least 20 feet from you, you can use your reaction to move up to half your speed toward it. You can also enter a rage as part of the reaction.

Reckless Cleave

Beginning at 14th level, when you hit with a Reckless Attack while raging, each other creature within 5 feet of you takes damage equal to your Rage Damage bonus. The damage type is the same as the melee weapon damage type you used for the attack.







Bloodrage Savage

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